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The Kaibiles
A New Decade – A New Face

During the 36-year-long civil war, the general Guatemalan population feared the Kaibiles. Their mystical training (requiring the killing of animals and drinking their blood as proof of courage), as well as documented examples of civilian massacres (most notably the December 1982 Dos Erres massacre in which 162 civilians were killed, many children and women) have left them with a tainted past. Most recently ties linking four of them to a Mexican drug trade group known as The Zeta was uncovered last October. Although their physical training remains much the same except for a few changes (no raw animal eating), their reputation as a special force is esteemed internationally. The United Nations has recruited over 189 Kaibiles that serve as peace mediators in the Congo and Haiti, and three Presidents keep Kaibiles as their maximum security. Rededicating them to another war has preserved the Kaibiles: that of narcotics and crime.