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did you know…those that love kissing, live longer?

My dear friend from Guatemala, Ini, sent me the other day the magazine (beautiful blond) and when I opened it was so delighted and had to laugh a little, since the cover of GEO’s Kompakt was “Love and Sex”. This kiss series all started with a photo of Russell blowing a kiss, to then shooting kisses all around the world.  How beautiful, universally, the kiss is seen as a symbol for love. The article is really interesting: some facts to remember next time you kiss your love…

- The skin of your lips is the thinnest on your body

- When you kiss, your brain is triggered with thousands of nerve cells

- Depressive stimulants are disactivated when kissing

- About 30 muscles are used when kissing

So…go find someone to kiss!!!!!



April 29, 2010 - 9:38 pm Christian - Congratulations! It is so pleasing and rewarding to see the fruits of your labor on the printed page. I remember when you first spoke of this newly-conceived idea years ago, and now it is finally broadcast to the world on glossy pages. Yay! It seems to me a great fortune that it was picked up by a fabulous travel/adventure magazine in Germany instead of NG since now your work is traveling even further to wider audiences in many languages. I couldn't find an online version of the article on their website, though. Beautiful, charming work. Congrats again! xo

April 30, 2010 - 1:17 am Susan - I recently read that the kiss may have developed to allow us to better smell each other's pheromones (the article mentions it also). There's that expression in German "Ich kann dich gut/nicht riechen". Fabulous photos, Holly!!

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